How to Become a Songwriter

A songwriter has the main responsibility of writing songs, not to perform the songs or even record or promote it. As a songwriter, all you have to do is just to write songs. The main skill of a songwriter is to choose the right notes and chords that will go well with the words and the song title. If you want to learn how to become a songwriter, just check out my 3 top suggestions that I give to everyone that asks me this same exact question.


  • Who are you writing songs for?

Initially, you are writing songs for the end listeners which are individuals who decide to purchase the song, either through a CD, recording or a live performance version of the song. Second, a songwriter writes songs for a record company who will turn the song into a product that can be supplied to the end users via the retail stores or radio. Third, the songs created by songwriters are for the radio operators who choose what the listeners will hear. Fourth, the songs created are for the performers who are required to deliver a presentation that a recording company will eagerly capture while being played by the radio stations. The songs created by songwriters will be taken by these individuals. Now that you know who to write songs for, let’s move on to the skills you’re required to have.


  • Skills required as a songwriter

If you want to learn how to become a songwriter, you should learn how to write lyrics, creating a melody, writing chords and how to write your song as a lead sheet. Since a songwriter is the owner of a particular song, you should know how to choose the song to demo as well as how to record a compelling demo. If taken on another viewpoint, as a songwriter, you are in charge of the lyrics, melody, chords and the lead sheet. You can become a solo songwriter and handle all dimensions on your own.


  • Writing lyrics

How to become a songwriter can be achieved as long as you have the ability to tell a story than just rhymes or words combined. The key lyric skills that a songwriter should possess are the ability to create songs titles and write your lyric on the title that was chosen. Always bear in mind that there are several agreements when loading your chorus together with your title lines as well as utilizing your verse and bridge for support. Additionally, you should learn how to share your story with the help of conventional forms. If you want to be talented on creating lyrics, you have to write regularly as well as exercising your skills on a daily basis.

Learning how to become a songwriter is not a difficult process. All it takes is to become proficient in lyric writing, melody writing and creating chords. All these tasks are accelerated by your capability to talk, read and write the appropriate rhythm for the song that you are working on.