6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House

It feels worse when you see those stains or cracks in your home- right? Well! What if some of your kitchen stuff can help you out to remove those stains or cracks?

Yes! Don’t be surprised with this as you can get the feeling of relief like I do when I see those kitchen items that usually pulls the double duty around the home.


However, you don’t have to buy anything special for cleaning those unwanted stains of fixing those cracks. You can deal them quickly with those kitchen items. Let us check out those 6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House.

Here are the 6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House:

A bottle of dish soap:

Want to remove those grease stains from your clothes? Well! Use this method to see the magic it does to your clothes.


Just mix a little bit of water along with the dish soap and rub it gently onto the stains and leave it for 5-10 minutes and the stains will be removed immediately.

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Another very efficient and good alternative for baking soda is Vinegar. Like baking soda you can also use vinegar to clean your doors and windows.


It is very good ingredients which can help you in retaining the shine of your furniture as well. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and spray it onto your windows or doors and rub gently. Well! Your job is done.


You must be thinking how can rice help you with your housing problems? Well! What if your iPhone drops into the sink or water? Isn’t it a horrible experience?

But guess what! Now you can save your iPhone with the help of a big bag of rice. Keep your phone inside the bag full of rice and wait for just 24 hours and the rice will simply drawn out the moisture present. Your phone will start working again.


Want to remove those white water rings from your furniture? Well! Use this exceptionally unique method to get rid of those unwanted white water rings in a minute.


Apply the paste of mayonnaise and gently rub that onto the rings and let it sit for overnight. Wipe it off in the morning and rings gone!

Coffee grounds and walnuts:

What if I tell you that now you can cover those scratches and cracks on your wooden furniture? Yes! It is now possible easily with the Coffee grounds and walnuts.

They are the miracle workers for wooden scratch. Just rub the nut or ground coffee into the scratches and it will make the stains or scratches less noticeable. Isn’t it great? Try it out!

A wine key:

You can now use the wine key instead of using the regular scissors or letter opener to open the mail packages quickly. It is much more useful to use the wine key to open anything hard.


So try out these awesome daily hacks and let us know your experience!