Songwriting Tips

If you are an aspiring artist, or even if you are somebody who just enjoys writing songs, here are a few song writing tips that will help you do your absolute best when writing a song. [..]

Easy to Sing Songs

Singing songs can be one of the best group activities for people of every age. There are many school aged children who will enjoy activities such as singing Wheels on Bus or Itsy Bitsy Spider. [..]

How to Make a Song

A song is the piece of musical poetry that moves our hearts. It can inspire us to climb a mountain, run a race, or dive off of the tallest cliff. The song can make us want to pursue our loved ones or fall asleep next to the one we hold dearest. A song can stir our hearts into a feeling of serenity and peace. [..]

How to Become a Songwriter

A songwriter has the main responsibility of writing songs, not to perform the songs or even record or promote it. As a songwriter, all you have to do is just to write songs. [..]

How to write song lyrics

It is a known fact that lyrics in a song are its words. Lyrics can either make or break the song that you have created. Creating lyrics that are poor in quality will only drive [..]

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