How to choose the best crib sheets for your baby

Now that you have bought a crib mattress (in case you haven’t you can read crib mattress reviews at and are all set to put your little one inside the crib, time to stock up on a few crib sheets to make the whole experience more comfortable for your baby. Comfortable crib sheets are crucial for your baby’s happiness and sleep and your sleep too.

So if you don’t want to wake up at night to find your baby fitfully sleeping, then you need to pay attention to the below-mentioned points while choosing the best crib sheets for your baby.

Know your options

The first thing you need to know while buying crib sheets for your little one is that there are three types of sheets: cotton, polyester, and flannel. All of these sheets have their own advantages and disadvantages and so you need to do a thorough research on them before choosing one for your baby.

Cotton crib sheets are light, comfortable and provide your baby with a safe surface to breathe in. They keep your baby warm in the cooler months and cool in the hotter months and are easy to wash. Their hypoallergenic feature helps babies who have allergies and skin irritations. Highly durable, cotton crib sheets have a slight disadvantage that they wrinkle fast and are a little rough to use initially but don’t worry with time they turn soft and their wrinkles fade away.

Polyester crib sheets are much more budget friendly and are found to be wrinkle and tear free, unlike the cotton crib sheets which cost more and wrinkle easily. But polyester crib sheets are highly undesirable as they are not as safe for breathing as cotton sheets and tend to become a little uncomfortable during hot seasons.

Flannel crib sheets are best for those cold, wintery nights as they help in keeping your baby warm and safe. These sheets are found to be lightweight, durable and soft and apart from the only disadvantage that these are not suitable for high temperatures, flannel sheets are a must have for the cooler weather.

Check the thread counts

Usually, thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric and determines how soft and durable a crib sheet is going to be. The higher the thread count, more soft and durable the sheet is bound to be but don’t put too much emphasis on this.

Any sheet which has a thread count of 300+ is a good quality crib sheet and any sheet with thread count less than 200 is deemed unacceptable and should be avoided. But make sure you don’t apply the thread count logic to flannel sheets as they need to have lower thread count to ensure softness.

Baby Bedding Sets or not?

Although it might be tempting to buy a bedding set as it looks so promising and cheap, but don’t give in to the temptation. It might seem reasonable and like a good deal but these bedding sets usually incorporate cheap materials to make it cost-effective which might be harmful to your baby.

So go for separate items and only buy those things which you need, don’t give in to impulse buying. Make sure you choose safe materials for your baby.

Fitted or not?

It is vital to choose a sheet which exactly fits your sheet and doesn’t hang off or bunch up on the mattress. Many people nowadays opt for elastic sheets as they securely strap around the mattress and avoid all the mishaps that could occur making it a safer sheet to be used for your toddler.

Be sure to check the size of your mattress and then buy a crib sheet suitable for that size as you can’t use just any regular sheet for your baby’s crib mattress. Better be careful than to regret it later.

Weather appropriate or not?

Your choice of crib sheets depends a lot on your surrounding weather conditions so make sure you keep in the count of all the weather that your area experiences before buying your crib sheets.

Flannel sheets are best for winter and cold nights as they provide appropriate warmth to your baby. Cotton sheets are best for summers and hot afternoons as they are light and allow your babies to keep cool and breathe freely. So make sure you buy different types of crib sheets in accordance with various weather conditions.

Top 5 Best Electric Smokers under $500

Since you have decided to buy your first Electric Smoker, it’s better to start on a low budget. You are new to it and well there may be a chance that you might not like Electric Smokers after all, so why buy an expensive one? But cheap Electric Smokers don’t always mean good Electric Smokers.

So we have reviewed a list of Electric Smokers for you which won’t burn a hole in your pocket and cost you under 500 bucks only:

Bradley Smoker – Original

This is considered to be one of the best electric smokers out there because of its refrigerator like structure which a fully automatic system and thermostatically controlled. This provides both hot and cold smoke and so is favourable among a lot of people although it is found to be a little less effective at low temperatures.

Its inside is designed with stainless steel for durability and it provides space to fit a bird or any other large meats. In this model, you are provided with a large range of abilities varying from bake, slow cook, etc. to smoking.

One of the drawbacks is its energy consumption. It is known to break down several times during a week.

But all in all it is quite affordable at around 250$-300$ and you are provided with a hassle-free smoker to cook your food for you.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker

For electric smokers, Masterbuilt is the most trustworthy company out there. If you are a beginner, then this model is the best choice for you as it is extremely easy to us.

It has a cooking space of 730 inch which can be used to cook for a large family or any kind of family gatherings and occasions. It will easily fit big batches of meat and provide you with a steady and consistent smoke to give your meat that extra needed flavour.

It has chrome-coated racks which are removable and a digital control panel which controls everything from temperature to timer. It would automatically shut off when your food is ready so that you don’t have to keep a constant eye on it.

One of the best feature of this smoker is that it collects your meat droppings in a tray at the bottom which makes it easier to clean later. Although it has a shorter cable compared to other smoker and its heating element tends to break down occasionally, it’s still a value for money at just 170$.

Masterbuilt 20070411 Top Controller Electric Smoker

One of the top rated Electric smokers, this model comes with a RF remote which makes it easier to work it as you can handle this smoker from some distance. No need to stand beside the smoker the whole time anymore!

It has an inbuilt 24-hour timer which automatically switches off once your food is ready. It has four racks to store your meat and as there is a 2 cube feet distance, you can be certain that all your food will be getting properly smoked.

Another amazing feature of this model is its forward window which lets you check your food without actually opening the Smoker. Just load the wood chips on its side and watch the smoker do its job.

But it does have a few downsides as well. The temperature can go around only 275 degrees so if you are looking to smoke red meat, you are in for a disappointment. It is a little big and needs a direct plug. But all these aside, it’s a good bet at just 250$-300$.

Char-Broil’s Vertical Electric Smoker

Are you looking for a griller and a smoker? Well, look no more. Char-Broil is the perfect instrument for those who would like to buy a griller and a smoker both. With its 505 square inches of cooking space, it can fit a large amount of meat with ease.

It uses a basic thermostat dial and in conjunction with a good thermometer, you can set your desired temperature, and the plain controller is less prone to malfunction over time than other digital controllers. A combo of water and wood pan is used to produce smoke in this smoker. One downside is that it is heavy compared to other smokers.

It’s easy to clean, well-insulated and well-spaced which makes it a more attractive option than other smokers and costs around just 150$. The Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Pellet Smoker is another good option, if you’re looking for a pellet smoker under $300.

Smoke Hollow 26142 Electric Smoker

Another product of great value is Smoke Hollow 26142, it runs at a heating element of 1500 W and has a temperature setting control which you can adjust according to your needs.

A water pan and wood chips are added to this product so that fuel can be added easily while smoking. It comes with two chrome-plated grids whose height can be adjusted easily. There is a heat indicator also available in this product which informs you whether the meat is getting adequate smoke or not.

One of the most interesting feature is that its side handles are designed to be cool-touch which makes it easier to check the smoke and the spring wire handle doesn’t need you to wear gloves while opening the door.

Apart from all this, it does have a few disadvantages like the temperature goes down whenever you open the door and water pan is small compared to other smokers. But aside from that, it is very effective and reasonable at a cost of around 100$-150$.


So, take your pick and choose the one which suits you the best and get on with your BBQ nights.

6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House

It feels worse when you see those stains or cracks in your home- right? Well! What if some of your kitchen stuff can help you out to remove those stains or cracks?

Yes! Don’t be surprised with this as you can get the feeling of relief like I do when I see those kitchen items that usually pulls the double duty around the home.


However, you don’t have to buy anything special for cleaning those unwanted stains of fixing those cracks. You can deal them quickly with those kitchen items. Let us check out those 6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House.

Here are the 6 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Items around the Rest of the House:

A bottle of dish soap:

Want to remove those grease stains from your clothes? Well! Use this method to see the magic it does to your clothes.


Just mix a little bit of water along with the dish soap and rub it gently onto the stains and leave it for 5-10 minutes and the stains will be removed immediately.

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Another very efficient and good alternative for baking soda is Vinegar. Like baking soda you can also use vinegar to clean your doors and windows.


It is very good ingredients which can help you in retaining the shine of your furniture as well. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and spray it onto your windows or doors and rub gently. Well! Your job is done.


You must be thinking how can rice help you with your housing problems? Well! What if your iPhone drops into the sink or water? Isn’t it a horrible experience?

But guess what! Now you can save your iPhone with the help of a big bag of rice. Keep your phone inside the bag full of rice and wait for just 24 hours and the rice will simply drawn out the moisture present. Your phone will start working again.


Want to remove those white water rings from your furniture? Well! Use this exceptionally unique method to get rid of those unwanted white water rings in a minute.


Apply the paste of mayonnaise and gently rub that onto the rings and let it sit for overnight. Wipe it off in the morning and rings gone!

Coffee grounds and walnuts:

What if I tell you that now you can cover those scratches and cracks on your wooden furniture? Yes! It is now possible easily with the Coffee grounds and walnuts.

They are the miracle workers for wooden scratch. Just rub the nut or ground coffee into the scratches and it will make the stains or scratches less noticeable. Isn’t it great? Try it out!

A wine key:

You can now use the wine key instead of using the regular scissors or letter opener to open the mail packages quickly. It is much more useful to use the wine key to open anything hard.


So try out these awesome daily hacks and let us know your experience!